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It does this by beginning each chapter with relevant academic theories, and demonstrating how to use these theories through small tasks and self-reflections. These tasks and reflections help us to question our working selves both in the context of our careers and our lives as a whole. Interspersed with stories of others in similar circumstances, Jackson helps us to realise the effects of our workplace behaviours, and the effects that our workplaces, in turn, have on us. Translating theory into action is not an easy task, but one that is made easier with this book.

Her trick of asking us to write down our strategies for success and share them with others also makes us accountable — to those who know us closely enough to get wind of these strategies, and more significantly, to ourselves. If you do genuinely enjoy your role, the four Resilience Foundations in this book can be used in all areas of life and are a wellbeing tool worth knowing. The aim of the book is to develop knowledge, understanding and skills based on the New Zealand Health curriculum. The introduction is important to read as it gives an understanding of the aims of the resource and how it fits with the curriculum.

The authors provide guidance to enable students to critically question issues of inequalities, racism and discrimination.

The lessons contain links to further resources and offer the flexibility to tailor the lessons to students. For any school staff wanting additional resources on mental health and hauora this is a must-have. I have not used the electronic resource but would imagine this to be a useful resource for every school. Her position as an academic psychologist enables her to provide strategies based on the latest psychological research and theory in order to provide guidance for creating a more sustainable planet. Despite a huge commitment and immense knowledge on how to live more sustainably, I appreciate how the author is still a human who has indulgences!

The author continually refers to studies to provide evidence for assertions, providing enough detail of research to enable the reader to draw their own conclusions. I have found myself quoting these interesting research studies to others already. The author also explores morality and this chapter is fascinating, especially when the perspective of a child is provided in several examples. I initially wondered whether I could consider myself a sustainability advocate.

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With growing awareness of environmental issues, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and do now consider myself a sustainability advocate. I am left inspired, hopeful and motivated to be part of a move towards a more sustainable planet and would recommend this book to anyone wanting to do the same. Kiwicorn is a delightful, colourful book with an equally delightful and colourful character.

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The character Kiwicorn, as the name suggests, is a kiwi with a beak reminiscent of a unicorn horn and striped with the colours of the rainbow. Rainbow colours are of course a symbol of diversity and at its heart that is what the book is about. Not just the message that we are all unique from each other, but as individuals we possess an array of different qualities within us.

For a person experiencing distress or seeking support with their mental health in Aotearoa, the law is complex and sometimes contradictory. Mental Health Law in New Zealand opens with a discussion of the context that this law operates in. The ways that New Zealand understands mental health and responds to distress have changed significantly over the last three decades. With a shift towards community-centred services, a greater focus on recovery, leadership from people with lived experience of distress and changing social attitudes towards difference, our approaches to mental health and treatment are shifting.

Acknowledging this, the authors raise the question of whether mental health law is fit for practice and suggest potential reforms to the Mental Health Act that would bring it more into line with human rights law. The core of the textbook is a specific and detailed guide to current law related to mental health. For each area of the law, the text explains what the law says and how it has been interpreted, discusses the practicalities and complexities in how the law is applied and raises issues for consideration about how the law and legal systems could change and evolve to better support recovery.

For example, a chapter on mental health advocacy explores the concept of specialist mental health courts, not currently in place in New Zealand but successfully implemented in other countries.

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The book provides an invaluable reference to understanding the detail and complexities of the law relating to distress, medical treatment, the criminal justice system and human rights. For those working with the law, it provides a clear guide to current practice and interpretation. For those advocates working on changing the law, it provides a thoughtful exploration of issues, policy mechanisms and potential improvements.

In the same way that a guidebook to a city is not intended to be read cover to cover, the beauty and usefulness of this book is in its innovative layout. Resilient is cleverly structured so that you can jump into any of the 12 attractively titled chapters such as Grit, Courage, or Aspiration and find immediately relevant guidance to help develop that psychological skill set.

He artfully distils years of research and expertise, informed by a large body of academic literature, into 12 primary inner strengths we can each develop. At the end of each chapter a bullet list of key points provides the reader with a checklist of achievable mental resources to be developed step-by-step for each inner strength.

Each is short and immensely practical. And for readers who might to like to dig a little deeper, a very useful additional resources section is helpfully divided by topics such as compassion, mindfulness, gratitude and motivation. This is one of those books that will become dog-eared and creased from good use. You could think of it as a mental strength training manual where we are honing and toning our ability to live with peace, contentment and love. Very useful indeed.

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Ransom, J. American Psychological Association and Magination press. Big Red and the Little Bitty Wolf is a beautifully illustrated and written story that is an entertaining and thought-provoking read for children and adults alike. It follows the story of Little Bitty Wolf and the daily bullying he receives from Big Red on his walk to school. This tale is a clever twist on the classic Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale and the unexpected casting of the wolf as the victim immediately engages the reader.

His attempts at asking her to stop her bullying are unsuccessful until he follows advice from his school counsellor Mr.

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This story is a great way to initiate a discussion on the issue of bullying and it also encourages children to seek help from their family or school. Bullying is a widespread issue and one that is now more openly discussed in the media, in schools and online. The book also includes a very informative note to parents which lists the warning signs of bullying and ways to help your child, whether they are the victim, bystander or perpetrator. This section could be shared with children directly or indirectly depending on their age. Although it is recommended for children aged 4—8, both my 3-year-old preschool students and my year-old son enjoyed it, so it could be enjoyed by a wider age group.

This book is an excellent resource to have at home, preschool or school to open up discussion on the issue of bullying and to teach children about taking a stand against it, having empathy and caring for others. This publication comes at a time when there is considerable public and political concern regarding the quality and effectiveness of mental health and related services in New Zealand.

This publication would be of interest to those involved in the study and practice of mental health but there are areas where a wider perspective could have been given. I believe knowledge of mental health and the detection and triage of mild to severe mental illnesses should be part of the skill set of any well-trained professional person working in any health, justice, social service, employment, recreational and sport group, or charitable or church organisation. An opportunity was missed with this publication in leading the direction for the future, even if only a broad picture was painted, so that some sort of map could be seen.

This picture or image could then have provided a focal point of discussion and reference, and then people who have experienced the use of mental health and related services could contribute, and their families, significant others and workmates, friends and different communities could contribute, so that the ownership of mental health and wellbeing is a community and societal responsibility, not just the domain of those who are masters and mistresses of their craft.

Transformational change occurs by interaction, reaction, dialogue and a commitment by way of action for change. He might have been too scared to tell his teacher that he was being picked on. After the bullies teased him and he fell in the puddle when he was pretending to be a crusader, Holly helped him.

She told him it is OK to tell someone. The bullies actually turned out to be nice too. They were also picked on. What makes it even harder for Ace is he is called names by the Boot Boys, a group of horses who push and shove and say mean things to him.

Ace finally gets to live his dream of being a Crusaders horse, and along the way he is helped by the wise Holly who helps him tell his teacher about what is happening and how sad he is. As it transpired the Boot Boys were also bullied, so everyone learnt something about themselves and each other. The illustrations are wonderful. The drawings are colourful and not overly complex. The layout is excellent, with a beautiful bright picture to go with every written page.

This is a great little book if you are looking for a simple story to help your child deal with being bullied and ridiculed. It is non-confrontational and it relays a gentle and compelling message about how it is OK to be different and most importantly having big dreams is actually very cool!

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The book is based on 25 years of tried and tested methods of dealing with anxiety. I have learnt many new techniques from this book and will buy myself a copy to keep as a handy reference. An example of a technique is to set up a log to keep track of the relationship between your thoughts and when you feel anxious. This technique really helped me see when I am responding in a habitual way that might be unhelpful, and similarly to spot positive responses that build my resilience.

Each chapter is easy to read and understand with a few illustrated animations. The book gives practical advice in bite-size chunks and can be used in different ways. For example, you can stick with one chapter a day or read a few chapters at a time. It is a great book to just dip in and out of as and when you need it. I believe it would be accessible to most people due to its simple, approachable format. There is a web page mentioned for workshop and lecture information and reviews of her other titles.


Dweck examines how our conscious and unconscious thoughts affect us, and how something as simple as wording can have a powerful impact on our ability to improve. We know that there are many obstacles in the way of change, including past trauma, ingrained habits and an environment that often reinforces the status quo and is therefore hostile to change.

That is the real challenge. They exhibit similar symptoms but have completely different personalities and coping styles.