By Faith Alone: Answering the Challenges to the Doctrine of Justification

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A thorough look at the false and empty doctrines that are attacking evangelicalism's commitment to one of its key doctrines-sola fide, by faith alone. Order this Item.

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Add to Wishlist. Gary L. Johnson is adjunct professor at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Suzanne, live in Arizona and have four children. Guy P.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. “If you have been unsettled or impressed by the arguments of the By Faith Alone: Answering the Challenges to the Doctrine of Justification - Kindle edition by Gary L. W. Johnson, Guy P. Waters, Gary Johnson . Faith AloneThe Doctrine of Justification: What the Reformers Taught and Thomas R. . challenges to the historic Reformed understanding of the doctrine of.

Waters is assistant professor of biblical studies at Belhaven College. He and his wife, Sarah, live in Mississippi and have two children. David F. In addition to serving as academic dean of its Charlotte campus, Wells has also been a member of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization and is involved in ministry in Africa. He is the author of numerous articles and books, including a series that was initiated by a Pew grant exploring the nature of Christian faith in the contemporary, modernized world.

Albert Mohler Jr. Mohler hosts a daily radio program for the Salem Radio Network and also writes a popular daily commentary on moral, cultural, and theological issues. In other words, for Baxter the problem with Reformed Orthodox views of imputation is not simply that what is imputed to the believer subverts the need for good works; it is also that what is imputed to Christ subverts the need for good works as well.

Thus, Baxter, in his effort to refute antinomianism, rejected the Reformed orthodox teaching of double imputation, that is, the great exchange between the sins of the elect and the obedience of Christ by imputation cf. What then, for Baxter, was the ground of justification if it was not the imputed obedience of Christ?

Packer observes that the difference between orthodox Calvinism and Baxter has to with the law of God and how it is satisfied in Christ for the believer. Here Baxter aligns himself with Arminian thought rather than with orthodox Calvinism. Yet, on this point, Baxter also appears to have aligned himself to some degree with Roman Catholic thought. This is evangelical righteousness. As Allison summarizes,. Baxter takes the position that Christ himself fulfilled the conditions of the old covenant, and thereby purchased for us easier terms within the new covenant.

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We are, in other words, justified by our own righteousness on account of the righteousness of Christ. That the Reformed orthodox found this formulation upsetting comes as no surprise, for their confessional standards taught the very opposite about faith, namely, that it was not the ground of justification, but the instrument i. The like may be said of Love, which at least is a secondary part of the Condition.

A Tenant forfeiteth his Lease to his Landlord, by not paying his rent; he runs deep in debt to him, and is disabled to pay him any more rent for the future, whereupon he is put out of his house, and cast him into prison till he pay his debt. In this case the payment of the grain of pepper is imputed to the Tenant, as if he had paid the rent of the old Lease: Yet this imputation doth not extoll the pepper corn, nor vilifie the benefit of his Benefactor, who redeemed him: nor can it be said that the purchase did only serve to advance the value and efficacy of that grain of pepper.

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But thus; a personall rent must be paid for the testification of his homage. The new covenant is like a new lease which only demands a small payment a peppercorn , namely, obedient faith. As if…the Tenants redemption were the less free because his new Lease requires the Rent of a pepper corn in token of homage! Whereas Trent requires obedience for justification, so too does Baxter, a point not lost on the Reformed orthodox.

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What Augustine has done with his teachings is make baptism and other works of man ingredients into being forgiven of sins, instead of faith in the atoning work of Christ. The Names of Christ R. The Pelagian Captivity of The Augustine was not immune from the works based salvation teachings of his day. David Gordon , Richard D.

John Owen —83 , for example, responded to Baxter in his treatise on justification, The Doctrine of Justification by Faith though the Imputation of the Righteousness of Christ; Explained, Confirmed, and Vindicated. In our first Believing we take Christ in the Relation of a Saviour, and Teacher, and Lord, to save us from all sin, and to lead us to glory.

This therefore importeth that we accordingly submit unto him, in those his Relations, as a necessary means to the obtaining of the benefits of the Relations. Our first faith is our Contract with Christ…And all Contracts of such nature, do impose a necessity of performing what we consent to and promise, in order to the benefits…And in humane contracts it is so.

Barely to take a Prince for her husband may entitle a woman to his honours and lands; But conjugal fidelity is also necessary for the continuance of them; for Adultery would cause a divorce…Covenant-making may admit you, but its the Covenant-keeping that must continue you in your priviledges. And that the Law of Grace being that which we are to be judged by, we shall at the last Judgment also be judged and so justified thus far by or according to our sincere Love, Obedience, or Evangelical Works, as the Conditions of the Law or Covenant of free Grace, which justifieth and glorifieth freely in all that are thus Evangelically qualified, by and for the Merits, perfect Righteousness and Sacrifice of Christ, which procured the Covenant or free Gift of Universal Conditional Justification and Adoption, before and without any Works or Conditions done by Man Whatsoever.


Reader forgive me this troublesome oft repeating of the state of the controversy; I meddle with no other. If this be Justification by Works, I am for it. Baxter, Richard. Aphorismes of Justification with Their Explication Annexed.

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London, Reliquiae Baxterianae: Or, Mr. Thomas Blake. Written for the satisfaction of the misinformed, the conviction of Calumniators, and the Explication and Vindication of some weighty Truths. Crisp, Tobias. Tobias Crisp. Owen, John. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, repr. Petto, Samuel. Rutherford, Samuel. Letters of Samuel Rutherford , ed. Andrew Bonar. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, repr. Saltmarsh, John. A peace but no pacification, or, An answer to that new designe of the oath of pacification and accommodation lately printed a subject for all that love true peace and liberty to consider.


Williams, Daniel. Witsius, Herman. Thomas Bell. Glasgow, Kingsburg: den Dulk Christian Foundation, repr. Allison, C.

London: SPCK, Beeke, Joel R. Meet the Puritans.

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Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, Boersma, Hans. Zoetermeer: Uitgevererij Boekencentrum, Clark, R. Scott Clark, ed. Coffey, John. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Fesko, J. Justification: Understanding the Classic Reformed Doctrine. Kevan, E. Ligonier: Soli Deo Gloria, Matthew, H.

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Oxford: OUP, Muller, Richard. New York: Oxford University Press, Four vols. Grand Rapids: Baker, Packer, J. Ramsey, D. Schaff, Philip.