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Through demonstrations and individual instruction, Cyrus will guide you step-by-step through the process, working from the general large shapes to the specific smaller shapes and details to create stunning portraits. In This class, students will work with a live model to understand proportion, anatomy and facial features.

Basic drawing skills are recommended, but beginners are welcome, too. Interested in simplifying the forms in your pictures? Strengthening your compositions? Experimenting with new approaches to drawing and painting?

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Working from life as well as from art reproductions, this class will focus on how to edit a composition, find the big shapes in still-life objects and the figure, and begin incorporating imagination and memory into your process. You will cut, paste, draw, and paint as you explore ways to invigorate your art practice. Slide shows of the work of modern and contemporary artists will supplement the exercises. In this class, Kathleen Jacobs will help you find a certain sense of freedom within your drawing practice while keeping it fun!

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Students will explore the development of hand-arm-eye coordination required for all perceptual drawing. You will learn how to look and transcribe observations onto a paper surface with the use of a single stick of charcoal. Experimenting with line weight, direction and speed will be followed by understanding value using both additive and reductive methods.

This class will investigate how the power of light and dark can create volume, space, form and dynamic compositions.

Additional classes will be added, so please check back with us soon.

In addition, still-life artistry is actually referred to in the ancient Greek legend of Zeuxis and Parrhasius. However, during the medieval era following the fall of Rome c. It reappeared in the early Renaissance , but merely as background for religious paintings, or as items in Jan Van Eyck's interiors, rather than a genre in its own right.

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The earliest recorded still-life paintings were Hare by the German painter Albrecht Durer , and Dead Bird by the Venetian-trained artist Jacopo de' Barbari , who worked at courts in Germany and Holland. During the s and s, the German artist Hans Holbein the Younger painted a series of portraits which also included still life imagery, complete with Vanitas-style moral messages and symbols.

The undisputed master of Baroque still-life was the Antwerp artist Frans Snyders , with such masterpieces as Pantry Scene with a Page c. Snyders work was developed by several Dutch Realist painters of the Utrecht and Delft schools who polished the genre still further. The earliest dated pure flower piece was executed in by the German Ludger Tom Ring.

The fact that all these developments occurred in Flanders, Holland and Germany was no coincidence. As a result of the Reformation - the Protestant revolt against the Church of Rome c. The popularity of oil painting on canvas in these countries - which permitted greater re-working of a picture and thus finer detail - also helped to develop the genre.

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See more ideas about Artworks, Sketches and Still life art. ARThouse Studio School: Watercolor Still Life--how I painted "Mugs and Mums", Susan Murphy. Apr 21, Explore sammiejustesen's board "Watercolor still life", followed by See more ideas about Watercolor, Painting and Watercolor art. CLASS ( currently full, look-out for future classes from this artist) Loudoun Academy of the .

The apogee of still life art was reached in Dutch painting of the 17th century , in a style known as " Dutch Realism ", which is considered to represent the most true-to-life manifestation of the genre. It also provided a means for religious expression, as symbolic moral messages were introduced, which further widened its appeal. One particular form of symbolic still-life called vanitas comprised arrangements of symbolic objects designed to remind the viewer of the pitiful transience of life on earth.

Still-life in general and vanitas pieces in particular, strongly appealed to the puritanical Dutch middle class, and their growing patronage led to an upsurge in Stilleven which then spread to Spain and France.

Watercolor & Watermedia: Painting the Contemporary Figure and Still Life

Still life remained unpopular with most Italian artists, and rarely appeared in Italian fine art painting , independently of a subject, except for the Small Basket of Fruit by Caravaggio ; although there were exceptions. These included the Fruit, Flower and Fish pieces of the Neapolitan School of painting and the Neapolitan Baroque in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries eg.

In Spain, the genre was more popular, and painters like Francisco de Zurbaran and Juan Sanchez Cotan invested the simplest still-life with drama. Other Stilleven artists included Sanchez and Melendez. In France, perhaps due to the conservative influence of the Parisian Academie des Beaux-Arts, still-life painting took longer to develop than in its northern neighbours.

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It wasn't until the 17th and 18th centuries as French aristocrats began to commission opulent and trompe l'oeil still life subjects that virtuoso examples of the genre appeared in the paintings of Moillon, Stoskopff, Oudry, and especially Jean-Simeon Chardin , although he eschewed 'objets de luxe' in favour of kitchen utensils and simple arrangements of food and drink. Chardin's exquisite small-scale paintings - eg. The wealthy French Romantic-Realist Theodore Gericault also produced several unusual works of this genre, such as Anatomical Pieces Nineteenth Century Still Lifes.

Campbell works in pastel, oil, acrylic, mixed media, printmaking, installation, sculpture, the digital image, and public art.

Return to Class Schedule. Naomi Campbell. Class Description To understand the abstract body, you have to understand the representational body. About the Instructor Naomi Campbell has painted in watercolor for over thirty years.

How to Paint an Abstract Still Life — The Art League School

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